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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


Leftists’ Cheap Attacks on Governor LePage & Constitutional Researchers


By:  Phil Merletti

Fort Fairfield Journal, August 6, 2014


   There is much being said today about so-called Sovereign Citizens, the Tea Party and their relationships with a sympathetic, aloof Governor. What started this focus of interest was generated by the first chapter of a book of fiction written by a far left Democrat who works at a hate group which is supportive of the Democrat Party agenda. Mike Tipping-Spitz, a blogger and member of the Maine People’s Alliance (a misnomer & oxymoron), who begins his book with the notion that four people, who requested and were invited to share factual research via a Constitutional process were terrorists, enemies of the Maine people, out to get Democrats, and were planning harmful actions against Democrat Leaders.

   Not unlike most books of fiction, presumed facts were twisted and taken out of context. Has anyone who read Mr. Tipping-Spitz's rendition come to realize that if these four men were terrorists, the first step to be taken should have been to notify those who could step in immediately to investigate these alleged terrorists? Proper procedure would have been to notify the FBI, the CIA, the Sheriff, the State Police, or even the Municipal Police as the first initiative, and then step back and let them do their job. What did Mr. Tipping-Spitz do? He wrote a book. No, wait! He wrote the first chapter and released it to the progressive, liberal news-media with little, if any, investigative journalism, who then took his perceived, but false facts and embellished them. This current type of news reporting is disgusting in nature, and leads to corrupt, irresponsible reporting and possibly to such crimes as defamation and libel. Any participating media organization should hang their heads in shame for failing to substantiate such damaging allegations, but most of them have no shame and continue to agree with the talking heads. This is undoubtedly one reason why Mr. Tipping-Spitz chose this path of news release, but it is quite apparent that he did so to use these individuals to target others during the campaign season.

   As one of the four people who met and shared 12 hours at the Governor's Pleasure, I can say that not one word was said to the Governor to indicate harm was intended to anyone, and at no time was there anything mentioned to implicate the Governor in any clandestine activity against members of the Democrat or Republican Party. So, how did this Coalition become the target for Mr. Tipping-Spitz? Could it be that this is the season to bash opposition parties? Could it be that Mr. Tipping-Spitz has a following of low-information, young and naive followers, and saw a means with which to destroy the reputation of an honest Governor? Could it be that he has a motivation connected with political leaders who do not want vital information provided to the people of Maine? Could it be that the information being provided by the Maine Constitution Coalition through their state-wide Symposiums reveals a possible imposition of unlawful power to control the Maine People and institute legislative acts which supersede the Constitutional protections of the People's secured unalienable rights?

   None of Mr. Tipping-Spitz's followers, his publisher, or members of the News-Media has questioned his so-called facts, or contacted us for validation prior to their publications. Mr. Tipping-Spitz makes allegations based on twisted results of material received under Maine's Freedom Of Access Act. The FOAA process was a waste of time and money that was unnecessary, for Coalition members were available, and were gladly sharing this information with anyone who was interested. But again, no one contacted us except the Sun-Journal, and that was after the media published their false and defamatory material!

   On the other hand, Mr. Tipping-Spitz must be given credit for his ability to convincingly misconstrue reality in writing his childish book of fiction. If he were to contract with Satan, he could probably turn the Bible into a Porn Magazine and get away with it!

   Most coverage on this issue is obviously waning for obvious reasons; however, bloggers and political lackeys are still trying to stretch this issue for all the personal attention they can get – and wanting to keep this issue going for political traction.

   Representative Evangelos is one of the hold-outs who will be undoubtedly be added to the list of libel and defamation of character litigants. I offered support to him to have us investigated by Maine's Attorney General, but he realized that would have implicated her in our reports to the Governor. Representative Evangelos is making a last ditch effort to keep this issue up front, but it will backfire because we, at one time, were ready to work with him to expose the fraud in Maine Government. He has decided to politically join and accommodate the talking heads who might soon get more lawful attention than they expected.


Phil Merletti is the spokesperson for Take America Back of Maine.  He can be reached via email: and the website is:







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