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Possible Unmanned “Drone”/Surveillance Aircraft Sighted Flying Near Bangor


By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 13, 2012

CARMEL, Maine—A plane resembling the unmanned, remote-controlled aerial “drone” aircraft used by the Central Intelligence Agency, or a manned aircraft with highly sophisticated militarized domestic spying technology, was recently observed flying near Bangor International Airport (BIA).

Stephanie True, from Carmel, Maine, snapped a photo of the intriguing airplane as it approached BIA.

“My husband and I were sitting on our deck enjoying a nice, quiet evening when a plane flew directly over our house. We live within ten miles of BIA and get some planes fly over, but never had we seen one taking that path directly over our house and so low to the ground,” she said. “I happened to have our camera handy and snapped some pictures. This plane has me wondering what on earth it is and what it may be doing. It is unmarked, except for an American flag on the tail. There are no windows. But what gets me wondering is the weird thing on the side of the plane. I have spent the day searching the internet, looking for the reasonable explanation for this plane, but am coming up with nothing.”

The plane appears to be basically a Boeing 707, or its militarized counterpart, the KC-135. “KC-135's are typically configured for aerial refueling. However, this one has no tail boom for refueling. Instead, it has that distinctive bump-out on the right side fuselage, which to me looks like electronic eavesdropping, or radar tracking/mapping equipment,” said a man familiar with aviation technology. “This model KC135 seems to be adapted as a spy version. The position of the flaps and leading edges on the wings indicates it is in slow flight, perhaps because it was making widened trips around the pattern at BIA. Maybe the direction it was headed when this picture was taken could provide a clue as to what it was doing. If not in an extended widened traffic pattern around BIA, perhaps they are surveilling us?”

A similar plane is discussed at: 

In May, 2012, the U.S. Department of Homeland “Security” reportedly ordered as many as 36,000 unmanned drone aircraft for its domestic spying operations against U.S. citizens.

The CIA routinely uses drone aircraft in Afghanistan to surveille and bomb the civilian population there, flying the unmanned drones via remote control from various locations throughout the world on their devastating missions.



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