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Maine House Democrats Vote to Continue to Allow Female Genital Mutilation of Minors


Fort Fairfield’s David McCrea Voted to Allow the Popular Muslim Rite of Forced Cutting off of Female Minors’ Genitals to Continue

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 9, 2018


AUGUSTA, Maine—Democrats in the Maine House of Representatives recently voted down LD 1904 An Act To Prohibit the Practice of Female Genital Mutilation of a Minor.  The Bill was initially sponsored and introduced in the Maine Senate by Kimberly Rosen (R-Hancock County).  The bill did pass the Senate 30-5 but when the House voted to Recede and Concur with the Senate, the vote failed 77-70, due in large part to Democrats banding together to defeat it.

   If this bill had been passed into law, it would have prohibited cutting off the genitals, specifically the clitoris, of any female under the age of 18—a barbaric procedure endorsed by radical Muslims in order to effectively eliminate any pleasure a girl might gain from sexual intercourse as an adult.

   “Why did they do this? Flagrant Islamopandering, trying to get the votes of Maine’s growing Somali Muslim community,” wrote Robert Spencer, from  “Unless and until its Islamic justifications, which everyone seems to want to cover up and deny, are addressed, FGM will never be eradicated. Anti-FGM movements will tell Muslim women (and men) about the health risks of FGM, and about how barbaric it is to work to deny women sexual pleasure and try to control them, and none of it will stop FGM. All that will wash over believers and what will be left will be the fact that it is justified in Islam — and that is the one thing the anti-FGM campaigners refuse to address. So they will, unfortunately, never succeed.”

   The language of the bill did not allow for any form of religious exemption defense for the act done to minors even if they or their parent/guardian consented.

   Some have tried to equate Female Genital Mutilation with male circumcision, removal of the male foreskin,  which has been practiced by Jews and Muslims for centuries and was also adopted by Western cultures as a means of reducing bacterial infections in that area.  However, Jews and Westerners never adopted that practice for females. Male circumcision does not affect the sensitive part of the male organ as Female Genital Mutilation does, and adult males are able to continue feeling sexual pleasure even if they were circumcised as a child.

      Fort Fairfield’s Representative, David McCrea was one of the 77 Democrats who voted to defeat the bill, thus allowing genital mutilation of female minors to continue in Maine.

   To see how all Maine Representatives voted, visit online:







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