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Ron Paul Sweeps Aroostook County Republican Presidential Poll at 59%


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal

February 11, 2012

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - Congressman Ron Paul captured 59% of the vote in Aroostook County Republican Regional Caucus Events held in Fort Kent, Presque Isle and Houlton on February 3-4.  Aroostook County is geographically the largest in Maine and features a predominantly rural lifestyle.

Aroostook County Republican Committee (ACRC) Chairman, Hayes Gahagan, said Dr. Ron Paul was the clear winner at each of the Aroostook County Caucus Events.

Following is the total Aroostook County vote count for each candidate:

Paul             81      59.12%

Romney      26     18.98%

Santorum    17    12.41%

Gingrich      13      9.49%

“Ron Paul supporters were passionate, polite and well-informed, many of them attending a Republican caucus for the first time," said Gahagan.  “What struck me is how well the Paul supporters were able to articulate support for their candidate. These were not your normal political talking points, but heart-felt expressions of belief in and support for what I would suggest is a national political movement, not a personality”.

Gahagan said the Paul supporters' message to the Republican caucus events, "was one of support for the universal principles embodied in U.S. constitutional representative government, the protection of our Creator-given rights, including our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and our right to bear arms”.

“I for one did not know of Dr. Paul’s strong pro-life message and the fact that he has delivered over 4,000 babies, believing that life begins at conception."

Ron Paul is the only candidate who steadfastly supports a hard-money system as mandated by the U.S. Constitution's gold and silver coin clause.  “For years I have been aware of Congressman Paul’s understanding of Austrian Free-Enterprise Economics, his opposition to the Federal Reserve and support for sound money," said Gahagan.  "I was impressed to learn of his ‘Plan to Restore America’ that would cut $1 Trillion in spending in Year One, eliminate 5 unconstitutional departments, and balance the federal budget in Year Three without cutting Social Security, programs for the elderly, Veterans benefits or national defense”.

As the father of a U.S. Marine Gahagan was also pleased to learn of Congressman Paul’s service to our country as a flight surgeon. "I was even more pleased to learn that he understands on the one hand National Defense to be the primary function of our federal government but on the other hand that we simply can’t afford American involvement in undeclared foreign wars that are bankrupting our country”.

The Paul supporters made a compelling argument that instead of spending billions of dollars in foreign aid in the Middle East, China, and supporting over 900 U.S. military bases in 132 countries, we should be bringing our troops and our tax dollars home to America” said Gahagan.

“After listening to and meeting the Paul supporters at these three caucus events, I can’t imagine that Congressman Paul would ever support Obamacare or promote a costly 13,000 person space colony on the moon” said Gahagan.

Many in attendance at the caucuses were also impressed to learn that Congressman Paul has never voted for a tax increase, an unbalanced budget, gun control, or to increase our national debt ceiling.

“Based on the attendance and voting at the Aroostook County Republican caucuses one could conclude that Congressman Paul’s message of individual liberty and a stronger America may resonate beyond Fort Kent, Presque Isle, and Houlton, Maine."



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