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From the Editor

Ed and Elaine Brown enjoy the 2007 Freedom Concert hosted by the Power Hour's Dave VonKleist at their New Hampshire home. 

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From the Editor   

David Deschesne, Editor/Publisher

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 4, 2007


Ed & Elaine Brown - My observations

My wife, Tammy and I went to New Hampshire last weekend to visit with Ed and Elaine Brown.  Wow, is Route 2 monotonous!

   Ed and Elaine have been in the news as of late due to the fact that they have refused to file a 1040 income tax form, since there is no law requiring most people to do so.  The judge issued a warrant for their arrest in April and they have essentially stated this is a criminal government and they will not go peaceably; rather, they are prepared to defend their lives, home and property with force of arms - force seems to be the only language our tyrannical government seems to understand these days.

   While they aren’t surrounded with tanks and foreign military personnel like the debacle at Waco; and aren’t being stormed by the FBI like that criminal agency did at Ruby Ridge, there have been reports of U.S. Marshals lurking around in their tree line and even taking a couple of shots at one of their friends while walking their dog.

   I believe the reason the Feds haven’t gone in ripping and tearing with all guns blazing, or brought out the tanks and flamethrowers like they have done in the past is because the Browns are too hard to paint a demonic face on.  The mainstream media was very good at describing Branch Davidian leader, David Koresh as some kind of child abuser/cult leader, which wasn’t true - and Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge as a “White Separatist.”  I met Randy Weaver at the Browns’ home and found him to be a very nice, quiet,  decent man.    No, Ed and Elaine are just your average professionals.  I believe Ed is an exterminator and Elaine had a successful Dentistry practice up until recently when the Feds stomped all over that and ruined it.

   Elaine reminds me a little of my “aunt” Gloria Kilcollins.  She does a lot of smiling, is very friendly to people and doesn’t let anyone feed her a line of ‘bull’ - especially government flunkies.

   Ed and Elaine have been researching our income tax laws for twenty years while most of their contemporaries have been busy sucking their thumbs and  watching stupid television sit-coms. I have been doing my own research for about seven years.  They have concluded, as I have, that there is no law on the books requiring most people in this Union to file a 1040 income tax form.  Also, by filing the form you are waiving your fifth amendment right against self-incrimination by providing information the government can use against you in court.  Now, the Supreme Court has ruled the self-incrimination nature of a 1040 doesn’t violate the fifth amendment, but they also determined all black people to be slaves at an earlier time in our history.  Just because a judge renders an improper ruling, doesn’t make it right.  Our cops and sheriffs have to start figuring that out before they run around like mad dogs blindly carrying out these illegal judicial decrees by judges bought and paid for by banks and corporations.  Tyranny always comes to your door wearing a badge and a gun.  Ed and Elaine are simply taking a stand against a rogue government and out of control judges and bureaucrats - a stand that could cost them their lives.

   A lot of other people across this country seem to be very interested in the plight of the Browns.  Less than 24 hours after I posted my version of their story on the internet there were 5,000 visits to that page.  A week later, as of this printing, we’re at 7,600 and counting - that’s more than twice the  population of Fort Fairfield!  People are desperate for the truth and these numbers show the mainstream news isn’t providing it.

   Tammy and I visited the Browns to get the story that the national media is either ignoring completely, or is too stupid or scared to tell accurately.  The Browns are more than willing to pay income tax, once the Feds show them the law requiring them to do so.  However, since there is no law, it’s bound to be a long wait.





“I was asked by the CIA to assassinate Cambodian Prince Sihanouk.” 

- LTC Dan "Dangerous Dan" Marvin, U.S. Army Special Forces Retired.

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