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Former Transgender/Homosexual Seeks Resources to Provide Christian Home/ Support to Those Seeking to be Free of That Lifestyle


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, January 27, 2021

HANCOCK, Maine - David Arthur, from I Belong Amen ministries in Hancock, Maine is a former homosexual transgender prosititue who escaped a HIV/AIDS death by accepting Jesus into his life.  He is currently persuing plans to acquire a house to provide support services to others in that lifestyle who wish to escape from it.

   “This is not a theological issue; it is a sin issue. This is not a social battle; it is a spiritual war,” said Mr. Arthur.  “I have been given one commission that is two-fold, to evangelize and disciple. That is all I will do. HE called me to be a witness; not a lawyer to argue HIS case, not a jury to convict and not a judge to sentence. Just a witness!”

   Arthur reminds us all that there are men out there right now who are seeking freedom from sexual perversion, and they need our help right now.  To that end, IBA ministries is looking for a home to rent for the purposes of providing a safe and supportive environment for those who want to transition out of the homosexual/transgender lifestyle.   “There are some criteria for the home of course, but we are house hunting,” Arthur told the Fort Fairfield Journal.  “We are also, and most importantly at the moment, raising funds for this home. We have a goal of $6,000 and have hit the 1/3 mark. I do realize that the goal may need to be increased, and hopefully what comes in will pass the goal regardless.”

   Arthur is looking for options in the Ellsworth or Bangor area and calls on any Christian property owners who may have some leads he can pursue.

  He is naming his project a RESIDUE home after his study guide of the same name, which is an acronym for Remove Every Stronghold In-Depth: Undue Everything.  “I have three, possibly six, men right now who are ready, willing and able to come into a safe place, a RESIDUE Home. These men must be removed from their current environment, and peer pressures, so they too have the chance at learning what intimacy really is, what transparency can do for them and how to discover their true identities in JESUS The CHRIST!  Please consider this very important fact; these men will need positive godly and masculine role models in their lives as the examples in Word, Deed and Action.  I need men of GOD to come up alongside of me in this mission, as well as women of GOD to be positive womanly role models as well. Amen!”

   “Too many have slipped through the cracks in the last 10 years, because there was no place for them to go. No place directly focused on their specific sin and the root,” said Arthur.  “I have been “Made Free” for 11 years now, and I know that regardless of the struggle, there is Freedom in discovering your true identity in JESUS The CHRIST!

“We need prayer (and lots of it), we also need funds and soon, GOD Willing, once the doors open, we will need food, furniture, clothing etc.  If you happen to be local and want to get more involved that would be a huge bonus. Perhaps do a prayer group; Bible study; Fellowship or group time.”

To learn more about the RESIDUE home project, David Arthur can be contacted via Email at:


or via U.S. Mail:


IBA Ministries

P.O. Box 172

Hancock, Maine 04640


To view a Fort Fairfield Journal Television documentary online of David Arthur’s life and conversion use the link, below: