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New, Large-Scale Sawmill Now Open

on the Houlton Road in Fort Fairfield




By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 15, 2020


FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine - Joni Yoder has opened Triple H Lumber on the Houlton Road in Fort Fairfield. 

   The large-scale Amish lumber milling operation is a step up from his former location on the Fuller Road in Easton with a primary focus on custom, contract milling.

   “We are mostly milling hardwood right now for the pallet manufacturer in Mars Hill,” said Yoder.  “We can also mill any type of beams or dimensional lumber up to twenty feet in length.”

   The groundwork for the facility, which sits atop Harvey Hill and overlooks the entire town, was began last Fall.  This past Spring, a couple of Amish family workers put the building up and closed it in in less than two weeks.  

   Custom milling is also available for people who have some logs they need milled down.  “We can mill any lumber people need to have cut.  We do both hardwood and soft wood.”

   Additionally, cedar lumber will also be eventually made available as supplies of those logs are acquired.

   The mill uses a modern large-frame band saw to mill the logs, which is powered by an internal combustion engine since the Amish families in this area do not use electricity.

   Yoder says the mill is able to cut up to 12 inch wide but haven’t done much of that lately.   The lumber can also be planed, if needed.

   Yoder is also making the byproducts, such as sawdust, wood shavings and scrap firewood  for sale and delivery is available.

   At this point, Yoder is not stocking any conventional lumber pieces but plans to cut some over the winter and make them available for sale next year.