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Kids and their parents got to enjoy themselves for an Old Normal Easter Egg hunt at the Second Baptist Church in Palermo, Maine.  photos/Destiny LaPointe



"Old Normal" Easter Egg Hunt

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 24, 2021


PALERMO, Maine - An Old Normal style Easter egg hunt was held in the small town of Palermo, a few miles northeast of Maine Governor, Janet “Big Sister” Mills’ Augusta compound.  The event was held by pro-freedom group, Beacon for Sovereignty (BFS) and hosted roughly 100 people, half of whom were kids 13 years of age and younger. 

   The event was held at the Second Baptist Church.  BFS member, William Kenniston was the organizer of the event who worked with the church’s Pastor, Joshua Barnes, along with fellow BFS member, Jennifer Crowley and BFS president, Karley Estes to provide fun and games for the kids as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down in the minds of most straight-thinking Americans.  “We had originally planned to have it at a public park in Waterville but their Department of Parks and Recreation denied our permit,” Kenniston told the Fort Fairfield Journal.  “Thankfully, just in time, pastor Joshua had reached out to our group over another matter but once he knew we were having issues with the location he asked his congregation about hosting it and they said, yes.”

   The church provided some candy and cooked lunch. The rest was a combination of cash gifts and food donations to make it all possible.

   While some people are looking at the new rise in “positive” COVID-19 PCR test case numbers in Maine within the left wing media’s shock and awe paradigm, a few things need to be considered for context: 1.) young children do not catch, or spread COVID-19...period; 2.) otherwise healthy adults have a greater than 99.5% survival rate if they catch the virus, whose deadly persona was crafted by the left wing news media out of whole cloth lat year; 3.) research from Harvard and M.I.T. indicates many PCR “positive” tests for COVID-19 may be resulting from leftover RNA strands from past COVID-19 infections that have become integrated into the patient's cellular DNA and is being replicated by natural cellular mechanics. While the person is no longer sick with the virus, or contagious, the replicated RNA strands will still trigger a positive result on a PCR test from completely internal processes inside the body that face masks and social distancing will have no effect on. (full story on this, page three of this edition of FFJ); and 4.)  Many of the new “cases” in Maine are of the dubious “probable” case designation that has had no laboratory confirmation, only a doctor's subjective opinion.

      With that said, most responsible adults in Maine understand the concern by government in the opening quarter of the COVID-19 game last Spring, but many are now growing increasingly weary of a risk-averse Maine governor and CDC Director who are continually "crying wolf" while ignoring all of the data and science compiled over the past year that shows COVID-19 has a fatality rate worldwide, and mostly in the elderly and immune compromised, that is similar to seasonal flu.  Thus, they see no reason why normal activities such as this Easter Egg hunt shouldn't resume in Maine - as other states around the U.S. have completely opened up with face masks optional with no ill effect on their population.




Taxes and Reval Still the Hot Topic at

Fort Fairfield Town Council Meeting


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 24, 2021

   The property valuation and mil rate/budget saga continues in Fort Fairfield as some taxpayers left the March town council meeting hanging their heads, saying they felt like they were coming out of the principal's office after a scolding.

   The following comments were transcribed as best as this writer could make out from the town's highly digitally compressed video/audio file which they capture for the public record.  Portions of the audio that could not be understood are annotated within as “[inaudible]”.  While this writer is quite healthy and capable of attending and capturing high quality video and audio of the event, I simply refuse to participate in the face mask hysteria/religion being promulgated in public by an increasingly out of touch governor and insanely risk-averse Maine CDC director, who is bordering on obsessive-compulsive disorder, so the following text is what you're going to get.

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FFHS Class of '67 Publishes Book

Featuring its 45 Military Veterans

The Fort Fairfield High School Class of 1967 announces that it will be publishing a book, Honoring Their Service: Stories of Fort Fairfield High School Class of 1967 Military Veterans in November.  The 300+ page book containing individual stories of the forty-five classmates who served in the military will also include many photographs, maps, timelines, tables, as well as commentaries on the breadth of the experiences gained by these veterans. It also will contain an overview of the history of their hometown and its public educational system and how they and the Cold War shaped the veterans’ young lives.  The book is dedicated to LCPL David Cox who was killed in action in Vietnam in May 1968.

   Copies of the book are now available at One of a Kind Flower & Gift Shop on Main Street, Fort Fairfield.  The price for hardcover is $62.00 and the price for soft cover is $40.00.






Maine D.O.T. signs were dotted up and down Interstate 95 in Maine every five miles or so on both Northbound and Southbound sides on March 15, 2021 spouting various government propaganda memes, such as; “KEEP MASKING UP; WE’RE ALMOST THERE”.  This advice is from the same governor who told us she would need two weeks of masks to “Flatten the Curve” a year ago, but has conjured up one arbitrary excuse after another to force people to wear those silly, ridiculous and completely ineffective face masks for an entire year with no end in sight under the guise of Emergency Powers. Face masks have been elevated by Governor Mills to a religious sacrament based entirely on faith since there is no scientific evidence that the surgical and cloth face masks stop or even slow respiratory virus transmission in a community setting.  The dreaded COVID-19 coronavirus has been found to have a fatality rate similar to seasonal flu, and primarily affects the elderly with compromised immune systems in nursing homes which renders these face mask mandates in a community setting completely irrelevant at this point.  Given the people’s willingness to continue giving propaganda placement like this power with their acquiescence, it wouldn’t be surprising to one day soon find some Orwellian statements like “War is Peace” and “Slavery is Freedom” being emblazoned on our Maine D.O.T. signs.

photos/David Deschesne



Freedom Rally Held in Augusta

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 7, 2021


AUGUSTA, Maine - On March 20, over a hundred people representing various pro-freedom groups in Maine participated in the World Wide Rally for Freedom at Maine’s capitol in Augusta.

   Representatives from Beacon for Sovereignty, Maine Stands Up, Make America Free Again, Health Choice Maine, and Patriots With Attitude spoke during the event which was also occurring simultaneously in over 60 countries around the world.

   The rally was opened with a blessing by Isaiah Larry and a laying of flowers in remembrance of the deaths caused by Communist aggression in Tiananmen Square in China.

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Fort Fairfield Journal Now for Sale in Sherman


SHERMAN, Maine - The Fort Fairfield Journal recently expanded its retail sales footprint to Sherman, Maine.

   The Taylor Shell station and convenience store contacted the Fort Fairfield Journal with a request to sell the hard copy print version at their store, located just off the exit of I-95.

   The newspapers were delivered on a Thursday and were sold out that evening, with requests for more copies.

   The Fort Fairfield Journal recently expanded retail sales locations to Wayne and Leeds, Maine - towns that are just west of Augusta.  A volunteer is distributing the newspapers to Cobbies Corner Store in Wayne and Twin Bridge Market in Leeds.

   The Fort Fairfield Journal is the only newspaper in northern Maine that is not owned or controlled by the Bangor Daily News.


U.S. CDC Reports There Have Been More Vaccine Deaths So Far This Year than Previous 10 Years’ Combined Total


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 7, 2021


  According to research by Jim Hoft at the Gateway Pundit, the U.S. CDC and FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) shows 1,755 people have died from vaccines by mid-March, 2021.  This compares to a mere 994 deaths reported by that system in total during the past ten years.

   The biggest culprit in this years’ vaccine deaths is the experimental COVID-19 vaccines now being tested for safety throughout the population.  VAERS reports of the 1,755 vaccine deaths this year, 83% were in the 65+ age group.

   Moderna and Pfizer/Biontech were the two vaccines with the greatest share of vaccine deaths with their experimental COVID-19 vaccines, logging 54.38% of the deaths for Moderna and 47.65% to Pfizer/Biontech - both are brand new mRNA type vaccines.

  As of April 2, 2021, VAERS is reporting a total of 2,249 vaccine deaths in the U.S. related to COVID-19 vaccines; of which nothing is known of what their long-term side effects will be.




A Virus That Isn’t Really There? 

Terrain Theory Explained


How the body, during stress or insult, can manifest particles which can key a PCR test positive for a Virus that doesn’t actually exist within it.


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 24, 2021


   The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has taken the world by storm.  The establishment media account has it floating around in the air landing on unsuspecting victims and wreaking untold death and carnage, wholesale.  But, a growing group of scientists aren't convinced the infamous COVID-19 disease is even caused by a real virus at all.  It may, according to some, be a state or condition of the body that merely manifests the symptoms and keys the quirky and unreliable PCR tests positive on internal, naturally occurring mechanisms at play within the intricate tapestry of the human metabolic, endocrine, lymphatic, central nervous, circulatory  and immune systems, responding to poor diet, malnutrition and other insults to the body that have nothing to do at all with an external viral threat that must be combated with social distancing, lockdowns, business closures and the wildly divisive face mask mandates many are suffering under today.

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Lawyer Explains His Federal Lawsuit Against Governor Mills for Her Unconstitutional and Excessive COVID-19 Response in Maine


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 7, 2021


    Maine Stands Up (MSU) joined with Ohio-based Make America Free Again (MAFA) and attorney Thomas Renz in  filing a federal lawsuit against Governor Mills to challenge Mills’ state of emergency in federal court.  

   MAFA and MSU believe everyone has a right to protect themselves from COVID or any other disease, but do not believe anyone has the right to force others to take similar measures. 

      The 79 page lawsuit, filed by Maine attorney Ron Jenkins, outlines how the US CDC changed the death reporting criteria for COVID-19 to artificially inflate the “COVID-19 Death” numbers by arbitrarily labeling any death as a COVID-19 death so long as the deceased had previously tested positive for the virus with a PCR test at some point in the past.  It was also shown how Maine uses PCR test kits that were excessively sensitive and produced wildly exaggerated “positive” case numbers throughout the year.

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Cary Medical Center

Birth Announcements


Tardy- A girl, Nellie Mackenzie Tardy, born to Kelsi Rand and Matthew Tardy from Caribou on February 11th, 2021.

Lausier- A boy, Kol Ryan Lausier, born to Kaitlyn O’Bar and Ryan Lausier from Limestone on February 12th, 2021.

Cousins- A girl, Freya Maeve Cousins, born to Emilee and Greg Cousins from E. Plantation on February 15th, 2021.

Willey - A girl, Vera Lee Willey born to Mallory and Philip Willey from Fort Fairfield on February 17th, 2021.

Shaw- A boy, Andrew Joseph Shaw Jr., born to Samantha Casey and Andrew Shaw from Wallagrass on February 18th, 2021.

Boucher- A boy, Traxxas James Boucher, born to Melinda Morrow from Presque Isle on February 19th, 2021.

Gardiner- A girl, Kacie Mae Gardiner, born to Samantha Watt and James Gardiner from Castle Hill on February 22nd, 2021.

Hilton- A girl, Odella Dorene Hilton born to McKena Lay from Presque Isle on February 23rd, 2021.

Burress- A boy, Gavin Peter Burress, born to Stephanie Cyr and Dustin Burress from Madawaska on February 26th, 2021.




Maine DOE Makes Bullshit Claims About the

Effectiveness of Their COVID-19 Response in Schools


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 24, 2021


AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Department of Education recently released a COVID puff-piece press release that attempted to link the low number of COVID-19 cases among public school students to their mitigation strategies even though one has nothing to do with the other. 

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39 Year-Old Mother Dead from COVID-19 Vaccine


   Kassidi Kurill, a healthy 39-year old mother and surgical technician for several local plastic surgeons in Utah, took the Moderna RNA vaccine as part of her job and died four days after receiving the second dose.

   Kassidi felt ill, but her sister said the family was not overly worried because “everyone from her work had flu-like symptoms, so we thought that was normal.”

   Three people in their 80s also died in Utah shortly after receiving the shots.


 European Countries Stop COVID-19 Vaccine


March 24, 2021 -   Austria has suspended its roll-out of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine after a 49-year-old nurse died “as a result of severe coagulation disorders,” and a 35-year-old nurse developed a pulmonary embolism following the COVID injections. Both nurses reportedly worked at the Zwettl clinic in Lower Austria province.

   Earlier this month the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency reported 244 deaths and 157,637 injuries in the UK following injections of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

  In addition to Austria, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxemborg, Latvia, Iceland and Italy have all reportedly  stopped their plans to use the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.




Deschesne Self-Publishes First Book in Paperback


Fort Fairfield Journal editor/publisher, David Deschesne has published his first book in paperback entitled, In the Beginning: Reconciling Quantum Physics with the Biblical Story of Creation.

   The book started as a series of editorials published in Fort Fairfield Journal in 2014 - 2015 which looks at the Biblical story of Creation through the lens of quantum physics instead of the literal/historical perspective most establishment religious organizations use today.

   From the book description on the back cover,  “Quantum physics is the study of waves and particles that are smaller than the size of what we perceive as atoms.  In the realm of protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks and neutrinos, scientists have found that what we perceive as a solid, physical reality is made up mostly of empty space.  Solid, liquid, gas and even light are all constructs built by our conscious mind as it perceives from the infinite sea of probability waves a reality that we believe to be tangible and separate from us when in fact it appears to all be in our minds.  The ancient Egyptians called this "sea," Nu, out of which all creation sprang forth.  The Hebrews called it, mayim.

   Quantum physics has its waves and in the opening of Genesis there is a lot of talk about water.  Taken literally as liquid H2O the story makes little sense.  But, when one delves into the symbolic use of the word in Hebrew, mayim, which also reaches back to ancient Egypt and their belief systems, it appears that the "waters" is referring to that sea of probability waves out of which all is  constructed for us to experience.  Quantum Physics has shown there is no time, space or tangible solids external to the conscious observer - they are all constructs of the mind.  This is the realm where God - or the Divine Mind - exists.  This book explains these concepts in practical, layman terms most solid readers will be able to grasp.  For those with an inquisitive, open mind this will be an intriguing analysis of the two fields of study - quantum physics and the Bible.”

    The 184 page book, which features two parts: a primer in Quantum Physics in the first part and the central thesis in the second; an index; appendix and bibliography, is printed and bound and self-published by Deschesne in Fort Fairfield, Maine in order to bypass the editorial control and censorship extant in so many woke book publishers today.

   Over six years in the making, the book was finalized in September, 2019, reprint permission from cited works received over the spring/summer of 2020 and the copyright application submitted in December. 

   Rather than approach the Creation story in Genesis as a literal/historical account, Deschesne shows how it can be viewed from a scientific perspective with all of the rich imagery of the original Hebrew seeming to correlate metaphorically with the fundamentals of quantum physics that have only been unveiled to the scientific community over the past one hundred years.

    The book is available at Bookmart, in Fort Fairfield for $15.95.  Mail orders are being accepted for those outside the area.  Send $20.00 cash, check or money order to Fort Fairfield Journal, 252 Main Street, Fort Fairfield, Maine 04742.  Contact David Deschesne via email: david@fortfairfieldjournal.com for more information.






Former Transgender/Homosexual Seeks Resources

to Provide Christian Home/ Support to Those

Seeking to be Free of That Lifestyle


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, January 27, 2021

HANCOCK, Maine - David Arthur, from I Belong Amen ministries in Hancock, Maine is a former homosexual transgender prosititue who escaped a HIV/AIDS death by accepting Jesus into his life.  He is currently persuing plans to acquire a house to provide support services to others in that lifestyle who wish to escape from it.

   “This is not a theological issue; it is a sin issue. This is not a social battle; it is a spiritual war,” said Mr. Arthur.  “I have been given one commission that is two-fold, to evangelize and disciple. That is all I will do. HE called me to be a witness; not a lawyer to argue HIS case, not a jury to convict and not a judge to sentence. Just a witness!"

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National News


Former Trump Attorney Sued for Defamation. 

Says "No Reasonable Person" Would have Believed Her


Sydney Powell's Sideshow Could Have Been a Covert Psychological Warfare Tactic to Derail Trump Supporters as Part of a Soviet-Style Disinformation Campaign


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 7, 2021

   Attorney Sydney Powell, who became famous during the post-election presidential election fiasco in November, 2020 by suggesting Dominion Voting machines were compromised, is now being sued by Dominion for libel and slander.  The defense to such a lawsuit is that it's the truth, but Powell's curious answer to the complaint1 is that it was protected political speech which is not actionable. 

   Adam Klasfeld from the online website, www.lawandcrime.com reported on March 22, 2021; “Facing more than $1.3 billion in liabilities over her post-election conspiracy theories, lawyer Sidney Powell told a judge that the defamation lawsuit Dominion Voting Systems filed against her earlier this year should be dismissed because ‘no reasonable person’ would believe that her well-publicized comments about an international plot against former President Donald Trump were ‘statements of fact.’”2

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Code Phrase for Wealthy Globalist Elites Hi-Jacking the World Economy

and Stealing Everyone’s Property and Wealth


How COVID-19 Lockdowns were Designed to Usher In a World Where Private Property and Small Business will be Obliterated and Globalist Oligarchs in Control of All Wealth


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, December 30, 2020


   Under the guise of addressing the elusive and non-scientifically provable “climate change,” oligarchs and left wing politicians are using the contrived COVID-19 crisis as a planned and orchestrated move to shift the global economy away from private property and private business to one built on the wealthy elites owning everything and the general public being forced to rent from them whatever products or property they need at the time.

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46 Nursing Home Residents Dead in Spain After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine


Fort Fairfield Journal, February 24, 2021

The Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary) nursing home is reeling due to mass deaths after a recent COVID-19 mRNA vaccine program there.

   All residents and workers at the facility received the first dose of Pfizer mRNA in early January, according to Spainish media outlet,  ABC de Sevilla. Most residents became extremely ill shortly after the shots. It is believed many came down with COVID-19, despite being “vaccinated against it.”

   The Andalusian Health Service reported that at least 46 residents have died since January. For perspective, Our Lady of the Rosary has a maximum capacity of 145 residents. The Junta de Andalucía (regional government) intervened in early February to curtail the death count. But people continued dying.  Spain’s Ministry of Health is now in charge of mitigation of the COVID-19 deaths.

For more information, visit:




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Maine News


House Democrats Vote to Continue Governor Mills’

COVID Dictatorship


Citizens’ Group Files Federal Lawsuit Against Gov. Mills for

Her Illegal & Unconstitutional COVID Response in Maine


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 24, 2021


AUGUSTA, Maine - In their first in-person meeting of the year, the Democrat-controlled Maine House of Representatives voted to allow Maine’s Democrat governor, Janet “Big Sister” Mills to continue enjoying the sole authority to extend her unilateral, dictatorial powers with no regard to the scientific data on a coronavirus that is now known to have a fatality rate similar to seasonal flu.

   By a vote of 81 to 67, the Maine House of Representatives failed on March 10 to enact Joint Resolution (H.P. 596) offered by Rep. Peter Lyford (R-Eddington) to “Terminate the State of Emergency Proclaimed by the Governor.” The measure was the latest in a series of efforts by House Republicans to involve the legislature and the public in COVID-related decisions.

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Legal Notice to Maine Congressional Delegation re: Illegal and Fraudulent Federal Income Tax.  The Federal Income Tax is being illegally enforced outside of federal jurisdiction. Click here to read the full legal notice.






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Annual Chocolate Festival Returns as

Mainers Ready to Get Back to Normal

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine-April 3rd11am-3pm, Aroostook Relay teams and community groups will gather at the Aroostook Centre Mall with one goal in mind: to sell chocolate to the masses!

   This is the 7th year this event has taken place and Heidi Estabrook, coordinator of the event, is hopeful this will be the most successful one yet. “We are jumping for joy that the Chocolate Festival is back after having to cancel last year’s event” says Estabrook.“It’s my all-time favorite fundraiser to benefit Relay For Life. Some would say the Chocolate Festival is an Easter tradition here in The County and puts a smile on everyone's face.”

   Teams will set up kiosks inside the mall, filled with wrapped chocolate goodies for community members to purchase.They will be selling individual sized treats perfect to fill those last-minute Easter baskets or for a sweet treat on the go.The event will also offer full-sized cakes, pies, and desserts for purchase.

   “Like many community groups, 2020 threw us quite a curveball, but we are so excited to be back this year raising some much needed funds for the American Cancer Society” says Jordyn Madore, Event Lead for Aroostook Relay.“While most fundraising efforts across Maine and nationwide came to a halt, their programs and services continue, so our cancer community needs support now more than ever before.The Chocolate Festival is one of our most successful fundraisers and is a great opportunity for us to host an event for our community and to raise money for a great cause.”

   In addition to the Chocolate Festival, Madore says Aroostook Relay has several additional events scheduled throughout the year for the community to enjoy.Aroostook Relay is currently hosting a cash calendar raffle ticket event, with tickets on sale through the end of March.“Later this year, we have a 5K Event, ATV Ride, and community celebration in the works, along with several other small fundraisers. We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for our community to get involved in our new event format and would love to see both returning and new faces participate” says Madore.

   The Chocolate Festival event will follow State of Maine and Maine CDC COVID-19 [editor: misguided] guidelines. Admission is free, with chocolate items available for purchase.All proceeds will benefit the Aroostook Relay event and the American Cancer Society. For more information and full description of event guidelines, contact Jordyn Madore atrflaroostook@gmail.com, or visit the event’s Facebook page: Aroostook Relay360.



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