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YouTube Scrubs Sandy Hook Truth Videos From its Website


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 3, 2019


   In an effort to prop up the government’s failed narrative of the phony Sandy Hook school shootings, YouTube has deleted virtually all videos that either question the “official” story or point out some of the glaring inconsistencies within it.

   YouTube has propped up the “official” narrative by only allowing stories from the mainstream television and print media to appear, such as ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN among others.  All of these network “news” sites continue to spout the same government-friendly propaganda line in order to push forward the goal of the Sandy Hook stage-managed psyop—the elimination of private gun ownership in the U.S.

   Additionally, of the few alternate news videos that remain on YouTube, which haven’t been deleted by the algorithms, most cannot even be downloaded by YouTube’s video downloader for archiving on a person’s local computer or device.  When attempting to download these alternate news videos, an error message appears that says the downloader cannot find the video, even though it is actively playing on YouTube’s site.

   In light of YouTube’s authoritarian government-style censorship, rival web video server platform, is growing with an increasing body of videos that are not censored by government-friendly spooks.

   An overwhelming body of evidence is now available that indicates Sandy Hook Elementary school was not an active, functioning school and the shooting was nothing more than a FEMA active shooter drill that the news media and government falsely reported as if it were a real event.