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Aroostook County Grand Jury Indictments

November 9, 2012

The following were indicted by the Aroostook County grand jury for the alleged crimes listed. A Grand Jury indictment is only an indication that there is enough evidence to go to trial. They are to be presumed innocent until after a trial that determines they’re guilty.

YORK, Rodney Jr., Easton—Operating After Revocation

LOPEZ, Richard Jr.; Presque Isle—Arson

DOODY, Todd Allen Jr., Woodland—Unlawful trafficking scheduled drugs

GILMER, Brian; Presque Isle—Theft, Forgery

MARTIN, Joshua, Presque Isle—Robbery, Burglary, Theft x2, Violation of Conditions of Release

HATHAWAY, Shayne; Washburn—Criminal OUI

VAZQUEZ, Alberto; Presque Isle—Robbery, Theft x2, Burglary

COREY, Brandon; Washburn—Theft

SAUCIER, Justin; Presque Isle—Theft, Burglary

CYR, Christopher; Presque Isle—Burglary, Theft x2, Criminal Mischief, Violation of Conditions of Release

SIROIS, Benjamin; Presque Isle—Unlawful Poss. of scheduled drugs, Violation of Conditions of Release

NERSESSIAN, Rebecca; Presque Isle—Theft x3, Assault, Viol. of Conditions of Release

ST. PETER, Robert Jr.; Presque Isle—DV Assault, DV Terrorizing

KLEZOS, Brenda; Caribou—Theft x3

GILLIAM, Robert; Caribou—Theft, Violation of Conditions of Release

LEVASEUR, Sean; Presque Isle—Theft

GIBERSON, Shane; Mars Hill—Agg. Assault x2, USC, DV Terrorizing, DV Reck. Cond., DV Assault, DV Crim. Threat.

CYR, Christopher; Presque Isle—Theft

TOMPKINS, Trevor; Ashland—Theft, Burglary

BRAGDON, Basil; Ashland—Unlawful Sexual Contact

LEONARD, Kenneth Jr.; Millinocket—Agg. Oper. After Hab. Rev., Criminal OUI

BARTLETT, Melissa; Easton—Theft x3, Misuse of ID, Crim. Invasion of Computer Privacy

PLOURDE, Scott; New Sweden—Poss. of firearm by Prohibited person, Crim. Threatening

CHAFIN, David; Mars Hill—Burglary x2, Burglary of MV x3, Criminal Mischief

BARTLEY, Sarah; Mars Hill—Burglary x2, Burglary of MV x3, Criminal Mischief x2, Unlaw. Poss. Sched. Drugs, Violation of Conditions of Release

KITCHEN, Keith; Masardis—Criminal OUI, OAS

TINGLEY, Michele; Presque Isle—Agg. Criminal Trespass, Assault

BOYD, Jayde; Caribou—Unlawful Poss. of Sched. Drugs

GRIFFIN, Anthony; Caribou—Burglary, Theft, Criminal Trespass

OUELLETTE, Joseph; Woodland—OUI, OAS, Violation of Conditions of Release

THIBODEAU, Jeffrey; Caribou—Agg. Crim. Mischief, Crim. Trespass, Fail. to control fire

LITTLE, Cari; Caribou—Theft

DAVENPORT, Stephen D., Jr.; Presque Isle—Operating After Revocation

PLOURDE, Scott; New Sweden—Viol. of Prot. Order x2, Viol. of Cond. of Release x2, DV Stalking, Refusing to Submit

LEVESQUE, Irwin; Blaine—Unlawful Traff. Sched. Drugs

SMALL, Ian; Houlton—Agg. Traff. of Sched. Drugs, Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs

FULLER, Christopher; Blaine—Unlawful Traff. Sched. Drugs, Criminal Forfeiture of Money

ANDERSON-KNOLL, Dylan; Caribou—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs, Unlawful Poss. of Sched. Drugs, Violation of Bail

BOWMASTER, Nancy; Perth-Andover, NB—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs, Illegal Importation of illegal drugs

CLAYTON, Stacy; Blaine—Unlawful Poss. of Synthetic Drugs, Unlawful Furnishing of Sched. drugs

DOUGHTY, Joshua D.; Fort Fairfield—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs

KAISER, Leeann; Presque Isle—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs, Unlawful Poss. of Sched. Drugs, Violation of Bail

PHILBROOK, Eric; Woodland—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs

PRATT, Adam; Blaine—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs

CORNISH, Beau; Augusta—Cultivation of Marijuana

HALSEY, Ian; Bowdoinham—Cultivation of Marijuana

BOODY, Michael S; Houlton—Forgery, Theft

BOYCE, James—Theft

COPLEY, Will; Houlton—Poss. of Sexually Explicit Materials

COPLEY, David; Houlton—Poss. of Sexually Explicit Materials

MAZZACCO, George; Hodgdon—Burglary, Theft

BOYD, Jayde; Caribou—Unlawful Poss. of Sched. Drugs x3, Violation of Bail

BROWN, Darlene; Hodgdon—Unlawful Poss. of Sched. Drugs, Theft

GOGUEN, Patrick; Houlton—Unlawful Poss. of Sched. Drugs x2

COTTLE, Travis; Houlton—Receiving Stolen Property

LINCOLN, Justin; Houlton—Unlawful Poss. of Sched. Drugs

SUITTER, Rebecca; Houlton—Agg. Furnishing of Sched. Drugs, Endangering the welfare of a child

LORD, Suzette; Houlton—Theft, Violation of Bail

MORAN, Joseph; Houlton—Assault w/priors

MCGARY, Reggie; Houlton—Agg. Trafficking of Sched. Drugs

MONTGOMERY, Katelynn; Perham—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs; Poss. of Sched. Drugs

RUTTY, Robert Jr.; Crystal—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs x2

RYAN, Micah; Hodgdon—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs

WHITE, Brian; Easton—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs

DAVENPORT, Kevin; Fort Fairfield—Crim. Threatening, Threatening, Display of Weapon

DAVENPORT, Brandon; Fort Fairfield—Forgery, Theft by Deception

PARKS, Kurt; Fort Fairfield—Operating After Revocation, Improper plates

YOUNG, Joshua; Presque Isle—Unlaw. Traff. Sched. Drugs, Unlaw. Poss. Sched. Drugs, Viol. of Cond. of Rel.

ST. JEAN, Robert; Caribou—Burglary x3, Theft x3, Crim. Mischief, DV Assault, Robbery

HARTSGROVE, Christopher; Madawaska—Agg. Crim. Mischief

LEVESQUE, Toni; Madawaska—Agg. Criminal Mischief

GREENING, Sean; Fort Kent—Operating after Revocation

PARADIS, Mark; Fort Kent—Criminal OUI



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