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Aroostook County Grand Jury Report

July 25, 2012

The following were recently indicted by the Aroostook County Grand Jury. All are presumed innocent until found guilty at their respective trials, to be held later this year.

KING, Bruce R.; Houlton—Assault w/priors

MOULTON, Justin S.; Houlton—Domestic Violence Assault

MCDONALD, Christian M.; Oakfield—Operating after Revocation, Violation of Bail

KLEINERT, Glenn R.; Limestone—Assault w/priors

TUCKER, Michael L.; Houlton—Assault w/priors

HITCHCOCK, Greg W.; Smyrna—Domestic Violence Assault w/priors, Violation of Bail

SMALL, Timothy P.; Smyrna—Stealing drugs, Burglary, Criminal Threatening

WHITNEY, Frederick R.; Houlton—Terrorizing

LOPEZ, Jonathan E.; Presque Isle—Failure to Report

RICH, Robert A.; Haynesville—Theft, Violation of Bail

MICHAUD, Clinton J.; Ellsworth—Theft

FALLICA, Joseph A., II; Lamoine—Theft

LEWIN, Jesse L.; Patten—Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, Closed season violation x2, Tampering with a Witness

GRAHAM, Tanya M.; Houlton—Aggravated OAR, OUI

BENNETT, Michael C.; Littleton—Assault on an officer, Refusing to submit to arrest, Violation of Bail, Theft, Failure to sign USC

BREWER, Michael J.; Houlton—Criminal Threatening x 3, Threatening Display of a weapon, Reckless Conduct

COWPERTHWAITE, Tonya L.; Littleton—Theft

CARPINE, Michael; Limestone—Unlawful Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs, Stealing Drugs

TUCKER, Stephen J., Sr.; Monticello—Theft by Deception

MERRIAM, Joshua J.; Presque Isle—Theft

GILLIAM, Robert S.; Caribou—Theft, Violation of Condition of Release

BRECHT, Timothy Jr.; Connor TWP—Theft

THERIAULT, Ricky C.; St. Leonard, NB—Unlaw. Traff. Sched. Drugs x2, Unlaw. Poss. Sched. Drugs

HANSON, Don W. Jr.; Presque Isle—Agg. Traff. Sched. Drugs, Unlaw. Poss. Sched. Drugs, Violation of Condition of Release, Criminal Forf.

NIGHTINGALE, Gary L.; Old Orchard—Forgery, Theft

KILPATRICK, Harrison R.; Limestone—Theft

BUNKER, Alton W.; Fort Fairfield—Criminal OUI, Oper. Beyond Lic. Condition or Restriction

JACKSON, Jordan; Fort Fairfield—Burglary, Theft

WOOD, Edward J. III; Fort Fairfield—Assault

VOISINE, Bradely R.; Fort Fairfield—Unlaw. Poss. of Scheduled Drugs

NELSON Neil A.; Stockholm—Criminal OUI, Viol. of Cond. of Release

GIBSON, Kevin M.; Madawaska—Theft

BRAZIER, Mark; Mapleton—Burglary, Theft

MICHAUD, Dakota R.; Hampden—Burglary, Theft x3

BRIDGES, Bryce J.; Blaine—Gross Sexual Assault

EMERY, Allan R.; Caswell—Burglary, Stealing Drugs

WHITE, Travis J.; Washburn—Theft

CLAIR, Dennis J.; Bridgewater—Burglary, Theft

YOUNG, Teri L.; Mars Hill—Burglary, Theft

NIGHTINGALE, Jeri R.; Mars Hill—Burglary, Theft

GREEN, Philip D.; Woodland—Poss. of firearm by prohibited person, Rec. Stolen property x2, Unlaw. Poss. Sched. Drugs, Unlaw. Poss. of Syn. Hallucinogenic drugs

SAM, John A.; Caribou—Theft, Poss. of firearm by prohibited person, Burglary, Theft, Domestic Violence Assault

ELLISON, Lance R.; Woodland—Crim. Threatening, Assault, Poss. of firearm by prohibited person

WOOD, Jonathan P.; Caribou—Domestic Violence Assault, Viol. of Cond. of Release

TINGLEY, Keith I. III; Presque Isle—Receiving Stolen Property x2

BARRETTO, John H.; Caribou—Criminal Threatening, Disorderly Conduct

JEAN, Paul J.; Fort Kent—OAR, OUI

BRINK, Christopher A.; Caribou—Burglary, Theft

CORNELL, Brian D.; Limestone—Unlawful Sexual Contact

CONDON, Eric; Easton—Unlawful Sexual Contact x2

SIROIS, Jason C.; Van Buren—Unlawful Traff. Sched. Drugs, Reckless Conduct

PITRE, Jason E.; Van Buren—Unlawful Trafficking Sched. Drugs.



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