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Aroostook County Grand Jury Report

May, 2012

The following have been indicted by the Aroostook County Grand Jury.  All charges are alleged, each is now scheduled to appear in court to allow a jury determine their innocence or guilt.



Bolstridge, Timothy; Masardis; Assault

Parady, Carroll E. Jr.; Veazie; Gross Sexual Assault, Unlaw. Sexual Contact

Lapointe, Darren; Fort Fairfield; DV Assault

Dunham, Robert; Biddeford; Criminal OUI, OAR

Nightingale, Jeri; Mars Hill; Theft

Layton, Timothy; Presque Isle; Burglary, Theft, Criminal Mischief.

Nightingale, Jeri; Mars Hill; Theft of Services

Clair, Dennis; Bridgewater; Theft

Croman, Richard; Presque Isle; DV Terrorizing

Willette, Jason; Caribou; DV Stalking

Saucier, Matthew; Presque Isle; Theft

Walton, Craig; Presque Isle; Burglary, Theft, Criminal Mischief

Farris, Katie; Ashland; Theft x2, Violation of Condition of Release

Wright, Jason; Presque Isle; Criminal OUI, Agg. Operating After Revocation

Langenbach, Paul; St. Francis; Violation of Conditions of Release

Bennett, Desiree; Limestone; Burglary, Theft, Forgery and Stealing Drugs

Ellis, Jared; Presque Isle; Burglary x2, Theft x2, Stealing Drugs x2, Forgery

Perkins, Vincent; Presque Isle; Burglary x2, Theft x2, Stealing Drugs x2, Forgery

Woods, Roy; Caribou; Unlawful Sexual Contact x3, Assault x2, Unlawful Sexual Touching

Greene, Scott; Presque Isle; Assault, Tamp. W/Witness, Obstr. Report of Crime or Inj.

Richards, Nathan; Patten; Unlawful Possession of Sch. Drugs x3

Delisle, Devin; Caribou; Negotiating a Worthless Instrument

Brazier, Mark; Mapleton; Theft by Deception

Pelletier, Heather; Caribou; Unlawful Possession of Sch. Drugs

Thibodeau, Joey; Caribou; Agg. Assault, DV Assault, DV Terrorizing

Morrow, Andrew; Van Buren; Unlaw. Possession of Sch. Drugs

Pullen, Sasha; Houlton; Forgery, Theft x2

Cyr, Gary; Van Buren; OAR

Steggall, Vicki; Limestone; Burglary, Crim. Restraint, Assault

Corbin, Samantha; Caribou; Theft

Pelletier, Matthew; Fort Kent; Unlaw. Poss. of Sch. Drugs; Criminal OUI

Walton, Craig; Presque Isle; Theft, Misuse of ID, Viol. of Conditions of Release

Cray, David; Presque Isle; Poss. of Sexually Explicit Material

Goodall, Barry; Littleton; Operating after Revocation; Use of Counterfeit Certificate of Inspection, Improper Plates, Forgery

King, Brian; Ludlow; Aggr. Criminal Mischief, OUI, Failure to Report Accident

Rushton, Crystal; Debert, NS; Unlawful possession of Methamphetamine, Unlawful Possession of Sch. Drugs

Sanders, Gary; Linneus; Violation of Bail

Jackson, Cristen J.; Hartford, CT; Poss. of Firearm by a Felon

Nickerson, Kyle; Houlton; Unlawful possession of Marijuana

Brewer, Garrett; Presque Isle; Unlawful Trafficking in Meth x2

Williams, Artinus; Littleton; Theft by Unauthorized Taking w/Priors

Pullen, Sasha; Houlton; Theft by unauthorized Taking w/Priors

Roshto, Gary “Wayne”; Crystal; Burglary, theft by unauth. taking, criminal mischief

Miller, Daniel; Limestone; Agg. trafficking in sch drugs x2

Hafford, Brandon; Presque Isle; Agg. Trafficking in Sch. Drugs x2

Getchell, Amber; Chapman; Agg. Trafficking in Sch. Drugs x2, Viol. Cond. of Rel.

Holmes, Brian; Easton; Unlawful Trafficking of Sch. Drugs x2

Allen, Lucy; Easton; Unlawful trafficking of Sch. Drugs x2, Poss. of Sch. drugs

Barnes, Curtis; Easton; Unlawful Traff. of Sch. drugs x2, poss. of Sch. drugs

McGary, Reggie; Houlton; DV Assault, Assault, Viol. of Bail

Miller, Daniel; Limestone; Unlawful Poss. of Sch drugs, violation of bail




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