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Aroostook County Grand Jury Report

March, 2013

The following were indicted by the Aroostook County Grand Jury. They are still presumed to be innocent until proven guilty at their upcoming trials.


SPENCE, Edward; Fort Fairfield - Theft, Violation of Cond. of Release

MILLER, Ronald E. Jr.; Caribou - Theft

CHARM, Michael A.; Presque Isle - Agg. Assault x2, Criminal Misch.

HEBERT, Kerry J.; Presque Isle - Agg. Assault, Domestic Violence Terrorizing

PARKER, Jesse C.; Mapleton - Forgery, Theft

O'NEILL, Melissa R.; Washburn - Agg. Unlaw. Furn. Sched. Drugs, Poss. of firearm by prohibited perosn, Unlawful Poss. Sched. Drugs

SAUCIER, Alicia; Castle Hill - Unlawful Possession of Sched. Drugs

SPAULDING, VAUGHN A.; Presque Isle - Criminal OUI

CYR, Benjamin R.; Fort Kent - Assault on Officer, OUI, Ref. to Submit to Arrest, Disorderly Conduct

RICHARDSON, Tracy L.; Washburn - Theft of Services, Agg. Criminal Mischief

CROUCH, Mark L. Jr.; Woodland - Ag. Crim. Tresspass, Assault, Criminal Mischief

STERRIS, Lucas G.; Easton - Domestic Violence Stalking, Domestic Violence Terrorizing, Driving to Endanger

LOGGANS, Benjamin L.; Limestone - Theft

MOWATT, Eric J.; Limestone - Robbery, Theft

HARGRAVE, Karen M.; Caribou - Agg. Criminal Trespass, Domestic Violence Assault

MORRILL, Kyle J.; Caribou - Burglary, Theft

HOULTON, Jeffrey W.; Caribou - Theft

HODSON, Taylor R.; Caribou - Theft, Violation of Cond. of Release

BRAGG, Jennifer L.; Caribou - Forgery, Violation of Cond. of Release

LAGASSE, Chad D.; Caribou - Robbery, Theft, Poss. of firearm by prohibited person, Agg. Traff of Sched. Drugs, Crim. Forfeiture

GILES, Tyler R.; Caribou - Unlawful Traff. Synthetic Hall. Drugs, Unlawful Poss. Sched. Drugs, Concealed Weapon

DOODY, Robert A.; Caribou - Unlawful Traff. Synthetic Drugs

KING, James R.; Washburn - Agg. Unlawful Furnishing of Sched. Drugs

WALLACE, Shawn M.; Caribou - Agg. Furnishing of Synth. Hall. Drugs

TWEEDIE, Eric S.; Houlton - Violation of Bail

CREW, Terrie L.; Easton - Unlawful Poss of Sched. Drugs

ALDEN, Peter F.; Skowhegan - Poss. of Sexually Explicit Material

CULLINS, Dustin G.; Monticello - Gross Sexual Assault x2, Unlawful Sexual Contact x3

PARKER, Robert B.; Easton - Agg. Traff. Sched. Drugs

NICHOLS, Shannon C.; Fort Fairfield - Agg. Traff. Sched. Drugs

MARCHANT, Troy M.; Presque Isle - Unlawful Traff. Sched. Drugs x2

MCGARY, Adam W.; Linneus - Domestic Violence Terrorizing, Domestic Violence Assault, Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening, Kidnapping

LONG, Brittany S.; Houlton - Operating after Revocation, Unlawful Poss. of Sched. Drugs

WHITE, Brian A.; Easton - Unlawful Traff. Sched. Drugs, Violation of Bail

IVEY, Ted E. Jr.; Dyer Brook - Burglary, Theft, Agg. Crim. Misch.

SCOTT, Chester J.; Littleton - Burglary, Theft, Agg. Crim. Misch.

GRANT, James R.; Houlton - Unlawful Traff. Sched. Drugs

ADAMS, Jillian R.; Caribou - Unlawful Traff. Sched. Drugs

DUNN, Joshua D.; Presque Isle - Unlawful Traff. Synth. Drugs

BURGOS, Joshua V.; Cary - Burglary

CHARETTE, Matthew P.; Hampden - Theft

WILLETTE, Joshua; Presque Isle - Agg. Traff. Sched. Drugs, Criminal Forfeiture

ANSOLINI, John; Fort Fairfield - Unlawful Traff. Sched. Drugs x2



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