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Aroostook County

Grand Jury Report

January, 2013


The following have been indicted by the Aroostook County Grand Jury. They are presumed innocent until proven guilty at their trial.


GOODALL, Barry A.; Linneus—Unlawful Poss. of Sched Drugs, Violation of Bail

LINCOLN, Justin E; Houlton—Domestic Violence Assault w/priors, Obstructing the Report of a Crime, Violation of Bail.

SHAW, Todd S.; Crystal—Agg. Trafficking in Synthetic Drugs, Criminal Forfeiture

LAUSIER, Troy P.; Van Buren—Failure to Report

ENGSTROM, Sonja; Caribou—Agg. Forgery, Theft by Deception

LOPEZ, Ashley L.; Caribou—Failure to Report

SILVA, Mayling K.; Caribou—Failure to Report

FULLER, Christopher S.; Westfield—Poss. of a Firearm by a Felon, Violation of Bail

TOTTEN, Scott R.; Houlton—Unlawful Traff. Sched. Drugs

KINNEY, Richard M.; Houlton—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs, Violation of Bail

TURCOTTE, Rodney F.; Fort Fairfield—Domestic Violence Assault, Crim. Misch.

FARLEY, Tyler C.; Washburn—Agg. Assault, Viol. of Condition of Release, Obst. Report of Crime Injury

DOUGHTY, Joshua D.; Fort Fairfield—Theft

TIVNAN, John D.; Fort Fairfield—Theft

SIROIS, Benjamin T.; Presque Isle—Robbery, Burglary, Violation of Condition of Release

BROWNLY, Kyle W.; Mars Hill—Burglary, Theft, Viol. of Cond. of Release

ANDERSON-KNOLL, Dylan; Caribou—Theft, Stealing Drugs

TUTTLE, Travis J.; Presque Isle—Theft x2, Theft by Deception, Viol of Cond. of Rel. x2

BRADSTREET, Robert K.; Presque Isle—Unlaw. Poss. of Sched Drugs x2, Operating After Suspension

DAVIS, Christopher A.; Presque Isle—Unlawful Sexul Contact., Sex Abuse of a Minor

MCLAUGHLIN, Eugene J.; Presque Isle—Theft

JONES, January E.; Houlton—Theft, Criminal Trespass, Viol. of Condition of Rel.

BOULIER, Wayne E.; Presque Isle—Domestic Violence Assault, Violation of Cond. of Release

GIBERSON, Shane D.; Mars Hill—Violation of Cond. of Release

HAMILTON, Chad M.; Presque Isle—Agg. Criminal Mischief

HUMPHREY, Reece R.; Presque Isle—Theft, Violation of Cond. of Release

COCHERAN, Matthew R.; Caribou—Unlawful Poss. Sched Drugs x2, Poss. of Burglary Tools, Conspiracy to Commit, Traff. in Prison Contraband, Burglary, Theft

TINGLEY, Keith I. III; Presque Isle—Theft, Violation of Condition of Release

CARNEY, Isaac J.; Washburn—Poss. of Firearm by Prohibited Person

PELLETIER, David R.; Wade—Burglary x3, Theft x4

TARDIE, Dennis J.; Mapleton—Burglary x3, Theft x3

BOUCHARD, Emilien; St. Francis—OAR,Load F/A in M/V, Oper. Unreg. Veh., Improper Plates

BOUCHARD, Raymond C.; Madawaska—Poss. of Firearm by a Proh. Person, Fraud Obt. Poss. License, Unsworn Falsification

INGERSOLL, Samuel J.; Caribou—Burglary, Agg. Crim. Mischief, Theft

WHITE, George T.; Caribou—Burglary, Agg. Crim. Mischief, Theft

CYR, Steven J.; St. Agatha—Unlawful Sexual Contact x2, Attempted Gross Sexual Assault

CLONEY, David J.; Craigsville, WV—Unlawful Traff. of Sched. Drugs

MERCED, Alexander; Madawaska—Assault

LIZOTTE, Maurice; Madawaska—Burglary, Theft

STEWART, Andrew G.; St. Agatha—Theft

MORNEAULT, Jamie G.; Fort Kent—OAR

MAYNARD, Donald E.; Presque Isle—Tampering With a Victim

ENGSTROM, Sonja; Caribou—Theft, Forgery

GILES, Dustin K.; Caribou—OAR

COLON, Norberto; Presque Isle—Burglary, Violation of Protective Order

COCHERAN, Keith W. III; Presque Isle—Unlawful Sexual Contact

LAJEUNESSE, Ginette; Saguenay, QC—Unlawful Poss. of Sched Drugs

ALLEN, Amy J.; Washburn—Unlawful Poss. of Sched. Drugs

SHAW, James W.; Mars Hill—Domestic Violence Assault, Crim. Misch.

HARRIS, Shawn M.; Wade—Theft

BECKWITH, Eric M.; Crouseville—Burglary, Theft

CLARK, James O.; Washburn—Burglary, Theft, Unlawful Poss. of Sched Drugs, Refusing Submit to Arrest

BARTLEY, Sarah L.; Mars Hill—Burglary, Endangering Welfare of a Child

PLUCKER, Sylvia; Presque Isle—Arson

BAKER, Vernon D.; Woodland—Domestic Violence Assault, Domestic Violence Terrorizing, Obstr. Crim. Pros., Domestic Violence Stalking, Viol. of Cond. of Rel., Tampering with a Victim x2, Tampering with a Witness

FLEWELLING, Nicholas A.; Easton—Agg. Assault

GILMER, Brian; Presque Isle—Theft, Viol. of Cond. of Rel.



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